Welcome to the nightmare

5 vs 1 survival horror

AfterLife MMO: The life after death is an evolving Open World/PvP environment allowing you to create your own experience. Whether you want to survive against the environment, creating your own holdfast against the mutant zombie hordes, play against other players as a Bandit or Lawman, or create your own world, the game is your playground!


In this story you are the villain

Hundreds of lootable items spawn throughout the world just waiting to be picked up and used by you. We pride ourselves in our new dynamic loot system that brings the excitement of the treasure hunt to life. You never know what you're going to find each time you enter a lootable area.
These are specific areas in the game where player vs player combat is disabled, even on a PVP server. Safezones are a place where players can meet up and trade without worrying about getting backstabbed or griefed.


Survive together or die alone

Nobody lives forever and it's likely with enough time spent in the world that a zombie might bite you or a bullet could graze you and you'll find yourself looking for medical supplies. We offer both factory tier medical supplies as well as 'homebrew' medical supplies to be found scattered throughout the world.

Currently in development for Steam

in a bind? Zombies got you pinned down, or maybe a gang of bandits have forced you to take refuge in a building and they are closing in on your position? Call for help allows you to offer a reward for assistance, enticing those in the area to come to your rescue. However, beware, for not every survivor is genuine, and bandits have been known to bait unsuspecting survivors to their untimely doom.